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Replacement Fusion Splicer Electrodes

Fusion Splicer Electrodes at FiberOptic Resale Corp

Save with our replacement electrodes!

Replacement fusion splicer electrodes from FiberOptic Resale last just as long as the original equipment electrodes but cost less. We offer replacement electrodes for Fujikura fusion splicers, Sumitomo fusion splicers, Fitel fusion splicers, as well as Ericsson and Corning fusion splicers.

Each electrodes is manufactured to for the specifications required for the Fiber Optic industry. Every fiber optic electrode is 100% individually inspected to ensure that they adhere to our stringent tolerances.

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Fujikura Electrodes - Sumitomo Electrodes - INNO Instrument Electrodes

Ericsson Electrodes - Fitel Electrodes - Corning Electrodes.

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